Turnkey Automation For Your Needs

KAMP spent years getting to know every mobile robot company and then partnered with those that are best-in-class. Having multiple partnerships provides us more options to choose from than any individual robot company, which makes us better suited to offer you the best-fit solution. Whether you need to move bins, carts, or pallets, we have a platform for you.

Project Management

Success starts at how a project is managed and executed. With our history of timely and successful integrations, we have developed a project for success. When you partner with KAMP, you know our project will meet the tight deadlines.

Mechanical Design

Every project begins with the design and concept of the solution. We use the latest tools in 3D modeling and 3D printing to efficiently and effectively come to the best solution.

Electrical Design

Following the latest standards for electrical design, we outline your machine to be robust and safe.


All fabrication is driven from the mechanical design. All materials, tolerances and designs are driven from the mechanical engineer in charge. Everything is fabricated using the latest CNC technology and is utilized in the most cost-effective way.


All machines are put together with the highest precision to achieve the highest quality. Our engineers both design and assemble our machines, so that every detail is covered.


We have in-house wiring capabilities to successfully complete your project. We follow the latest wiring standards to keep your machine robust and safe in your working environment.


The architecture of your code will be what defines how scalable, robust, and intuitive your machine is. All of our programmers follow industry standards and internal procedures so no matter who is on the job, it will look and feel the same.

Installation and Deploy

The installation of the machine is its time to shine. We want this process to go as smoothly as possible whatever the environment it is going into. With our vast experience of working in manufacturing, we feel we have the right skills for the job. Knowing that a machine must survive for years to come is what drives our success in a project.

See for yourself

We’re proud of our partners, and they’re proud to associate with Motive Robotics. You won’t find better technology paired with a better robotics specialist.