More Options Means Better Solutions

Motive spent years getting to know every mobile robot company and then partnered with those that are best-in-class. Having multiple partnerships provides us more options to choose from than any individual robot company, which makes us better suited to offer you the best-fit solution. Whether you need to move bins, carts, or pallets, we have a platform for you.

Cart Transport

In many facilities, people are still pushing carts to deliver materials, which is a non-value-add task and an ergonomic concern. With a Cart Transporter robot, the carts are autonomously picked up, transported, and dropped off with no human interaction.

Tugging a Cart Train

The most common way of bringing materials to a manufacturing line can now be simply and quickly automated. Use a VGV in place of a manual tugger without changing your workflow — tug your existing cart trains and run your current routes.

Pallet Transport

In distribution centers and some manufacturing facilities, pallets are the primary mode of material transport. Automate the horizontal transport tasks with a VGV.

Conveyor Transfer

Rather than installing more unwanted conveyor “monuments,” connect existing conveyors with a conveyor topped robot. The robot docks at a fixed conveyor, wirelessly handshakes with it, and the load is transferred.

Mobile Shelf

In applications where a person will be present at every pickup and drop-off location, a Mobile Shelf is a great solution. The robot appears at a workstation, tells the operator what to load or unload, and moves on to the next delivery task.

See for yourself

We’re proud of our partners, and they’re proud to associate with Motive Robotics. You won’t find better technology paired with a better robotics specialist.