Material Transport

Turn-key Material Transport Systems for the Dynamic Factory

The modern factory is a dynamic environment that demands flexibility from its material transport processes and equipment. Autonomous Mobile Robots were created with this principle in mind, so it’s easy to frequently tweak routes and change destinations.

With the foundation of a robust robot platform, we can advance our focus to your materials flow. Bring us into your factory and show us your process, we’ll redesign it to leverage robotics and offer a turn-key solution.


Cart Transport

In many facilities, people load materials into carts in a warehouse and manually transport them to a manufacturing line for consumption. With a Cart Transporter robot, the carts are autonomously picked up, transported, and dropped off with no human interaction.


Pick-up & Drop-off Stand

With P&D Stands at each of the robot’s destinations, it gets a call for a pick-up, drives under the stand, extends its lift, engages the payload, and transports it to its drop-off location.

Conveyor Transfer

Rather than installing more encumbering conveyor “monuments,” connect existing conveyors with a conveyor topped robot. The robot docks at a fixed conveyor, wirelessly talks to it, and transfers the payload.

We Turn Robots into Results

As a turnkey robotics integrator, we’re expected to provide results, not just robots. With our engineering services, we’re able to overcome just about any Material Handling Automation challenge. We understand that integrating new technology touches many aspects of your business, which is why our work spans from the factory floor to the corner office.

Material Flow Analysis

Do you have a grip on your material flow? We’ll characterize if for you so everyone understands the challenge. Then we’ll present our analysis and propose the best mobile robots for the job.

Controls Integration

By connecting the Mobile Robots to your existing control systems (MES, WMS, PLC, etc), they’ll know when and where to pickup and drop-off payloads. We provide the software engineering expertise and services to make this happen.

Custom Attachments

Conveyor transfer, mobile manipulation, shelving, and whatever else it takes to securely and efficiently transport your materials on the robot.

Custom Cart Design

Cart Transporting Robots autonomously pickup and drop-off carts of materials. While in transport, it’s essential that the materials are securely held in place so they are not damaged or lost. By designing a cart to include custom material nesting, we ensure the parts will arrive safely at their destination.

Onboard HMI

Mobile robots work with people and need to communicate with them. By adding an HMI (Human Machine Interface) to a robot, it can instruct the people to pick or place items to be transported.

Robot Commissioning

We setup the robots’ routes and behaviors so they don’t impede existing personnel and PIT traffic. When we’re done, the material flow is lean and delivering results.