Machine Tending

We Maximize Your Throughput

It’s now fast and easy to automate high-mix/low-volume manufacturing processes with the off-the-shelf ProFeeder system. 
As a Universal Robots Certified Systems Integrator, we deploy every system with the best-in-class Cobots.

The ProFeeder Modular Robot Cell

ProFeeder Table

For applications where the cart-docking system is unnecessary, a more spartan and lower-cost version can be used.


An off-the-shelf Machine Tending workstation designed for UR Cobots, enabling rapid deployment and flexibility to your ever-changing processes.

ProFeeder Q

Designed for automating high-volume or low-cycle-time processes, the Q is fitted with four parts trays. Run an 8-hour shift lights out!

ProFeeder U-Cell

Practitioners of Lean Manufacturing know that U-shaped cells locate processes and operators in a cluster, affording high visibility and communication.
ProFeeders can be arranged in this way to modernize the U-cell with robotics. Typical processes performed in U-cells are assembly, inspection, engraving, deburring, polishing, and cleaning.

ER5 Mobile Cobot Platform

The ER5 is a mobile and compact workstation for manufacturers who frequently need to move their robot from one process to another.

The integrated wheels and handlebars allow it to be moved by a single person and its compact footprint makes it ideal for the modern shop floor.

  • Maximizes mobility and flexibility
  • Minimizes setup time
  • Moveable by a single person
  • Typically paired with a UR5


EASYplus is a software plugin for the UR pendant that provides a fast, easy start to using the ProFeeder and ER5. It enables high-mix/low-volume manufacturers to leverage robotics.

When using the supplied top plate, you only need to input the part quantity, diameter, and height. New part changeover is done in minutes.

Features and benefits

  • Fast part changeover for high-mix/low-volume operations
  • No programming skills required
  • Available for all sizes of Universal Robots (UR3, UR5, UR10)
  • Certified by Universal Robots

How does it work?

Install the EASYplus UR CAP on your robot and you’re ready to start. Enter in your part quantity, diameter, and height. Now the robot can begin feeding your CNC machine or secondary process.

We Turn Robots into Results

As a turn-key robotics integrator, we’re expected to provide results, not just robots. With our engineering services, we’re able to tackle just about any Machine Tending application. We understand that integrating new technology touches many aspects of your business, which is why our work spans from the shop floor to the corner office.

Process Redesign

Manual manufacturing processes need to be redesigned to best leverage robotics. We’ll characterize your existing process so everyone understands the challenge. Then we’ll redesign it and propose the best-fit machine tending system.

Machine Safety

We make sure the entire application is safe, not just the Cobot. Trained by the RIA in Collaborative Robot Risk Assessments, we use industry best practices to document and mitigate the hazards. 

System Design

Our engineering team is focused on delivering turn-key robotics. Every element of the system is included: product infeed/outfeed, end-of-arm tooling, re-grip and turnover stations, machine doors, secondary operations, and system programming.

Machine Tool Integration

Robot-machine communication is imperative for a robust machine tending system. We’ll work with you to address the specific requirements of your application. Our solutions range from machine auto-doors to M-code interfaces.


After we design and build your system, we bring it to your shop floor and integrate it into your process. Following a thorough Site Acceptance Test, your machine is running and your operators are free to perform higher-value work.

Remote Support

By leveraging the latest IIoT technology, we can remotely view and operate the system to support you through changes in your process.