What Sets Us Apart?

It’s our objectivity

Because we work with many of the leading mobile robot companies, we enjoy the flexibility of remaining platform-neutral when engineering your system. We are incentivized to serve your needs with the best-fit solution, not to sell one platform over another. The robot manufacturers have no choice but to push their platform, even if it’s a square peg in a round hole.

Material Flow Analysis

We walk your manufacturing floor, locate material origins and destinations, review historical material flow data, and present you with our findings.

Mobile Robot Platform Evaluation & Selection

This is a step that robot manufacturers can’t offer. Only a platform-neutral integrator like Motive can truly look after your best interests. We consider many mobile robot form factors and platforms, then choose the best-fit solution, with no bias.

Business Case & Financial Justification

How is this system going to provide value to your business? The common answers are by easing labor pool challenges, increasing efficiency, and delivering financial payback. We quantify the value and align it with your corporate initiatives to help you get the project approved.

Turnkey Systems Integration

Facility mapping, material exchange automation, MES Integration, cart design and fabrication, all provided with a guaranteed and quantifiable system output.

Ongoing Support & Service

After we deploy a system and train you to manage it, we’re still here to help you tweak it as your needs change.

We love a good challenge.

You’ll be amazed by the problems we can solve.

“Motive helped us navigate the emerging and complex world of mobile robotics, which resulted in a successful platform selection and project implementation.”


Ben Toskey

Founder, Systems Engineer

A seasoned sales leader with an engineering background, Ben’s expertise encompasses Industrial Automation systems engineering and integration, robotics, materials handling, and lean manufacturing.

Ben has over a decade of engineering and sales experience with Power/mation, an Industrial Automation Value-Added Reseller and Engineering Services business. He holds two degrees from the University of Minnesota: a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Institute of Technology and a Minor in Management from the Carlson School of Management.