What Sets Us Apart?

Our Unique Ability

We help manufacturing leaders increase throughput and reallocate operators to higher-value work. By applying our team’s diverse Industrial Automation experience to the new fields of Mobile and Collaborative Robotics, we provide turnkey systems for Materials Handling. Whether you need to transport materials or tend a machine, we’re able to help.

Process Redesign

Your materials handling process was designed to be executed with manual labor. We study its inputs and outputs and redesign it to leverage robotics.

System Concept

With the process redesigned, we pull together the elements to automate it. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of our system before you commit, we provide high-level concepts and engineering.

Business Case & Financial Justification

How is this system going to provide value to your business? By reallocating labor and increasing throughput. We quantify and align its value with your corporate initiatives to help you get the project approved.

Turnkey Systems Integration

Once your project has been approved, we bring it to life. From project management to fabrication, we own it all in order to provide you with a guaranteed and quantifiable system output.

Ongoing Support & Service

After we deploy the system and train your team to operate it, we’re still here to help you tweak it as your needs change.

We love a good challenge.

You’ll be amazed by the problems we can solve.

“Motive helped us navigate the emerging and complex world of mobile robotics, which resulted in a successful platform selection and project implementation.”


Ben Toskey

Founder, Systems Engineer

A seasoned sales leader with an engineering background, Ben’s expertise encompasses Industrial Automation systems engineering and integration, robotics, materials handling, and lean manufacturing.

Ben has over a decade of engineering and sales experience with Power/mation, an Industrial Automation Value-Added Reseller and Engineering Services business. He holds two degrees from the University of Minnesota: a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Institute of Technology and a Minor in Management from the Carlson School of Management.